PokerFace is a free, lightweight, asynchronous, streaming, scriptable, http(s) reverse proxy.

In addition to traditional reverse proxy features such as, web server, http(s) sanitizer, load balancer, and ssl bridge, PokerFace is scriptable.

Scriptability means PokerFace can be used for sophisticated A/B testing, dynamic load balancing, analytics, mock data services, JavaScript “servlets”, content caching, or any other task requiring more than a simple regex match.

PokerFace is small (e.g. easy to audit), extremely fast, portable, and built on the popular Apache HttpCore NIO libraries to provide top performance, scalability, and standards compliance.

Here are some short guides focused on specific objectives to help you get started.

Command line options

Simple / common scenarios can be easily configured via the command line.
More complex scenarios are configured via an XML configuration file.